Monday, June 12, 2006


Don't argue ... and don't waste your time on this blog. It will never more be updated. It was just for fun. So don't take things too serious, please.

Thursday, May 26, 2005


If Garth Brooks made a song about female moustaches and how much he hated them, then I think we would experience a break through. I've already made the first two lines:

One hair is a hair too much
if it's on the upper lip ... on a femaaaaale.

You can have it, Garth, no probs.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Can you see what's wrong?

My Bro' told me about this fancy draw-a-SoutPark-person-feature on the internet. And right away I thought that it could be an excellent tool to explain why this blog is necessary - 'cause it is.

On the picture below you have a girl. Let's call her Alanis Morissette. Now Alanis is a nice looking girl in general. A little chubby, okay, but she is really nice and really smart. Alanis loves to party ... okay, she loves to read books, but that can really be exciting some times as well. She has never had a boyfriend, and she doesn't understand why, 'cause she is really trying everything to make the guys like her. She actually screamed "THONG" last english lesson and got a big applaus from the boys. But still they didn't really wanted to get too close to her.

But why? Let me explain to you all. It is because she has a moustache, and girls aren't ment to be having moustaches. Look at Alanis. Now, does she look like a girl, that you would fancy french kissing with?? NO SHE DOESN'T. SHE HAS A MOUSTACHE.

Alanis, please remove that moustache. An that goes out to all you hairy girls too. Remove the dark hairs from your upper lip.

We agree

I was talking to a friend of mine about a girl we both know. I mentioned her moustache and with a confused expression my friend stated: why doesn't she just remove it? ("it" being the moustache!) I didn't have the answer. And that is what concerns me. With now more than 400 visitors not one has even tried to give the answer to why women don't shave off their moustaches. No one has told me, weather women are actually able to see the dark hairs on their upper lips. No one. Only the odd coment about nothing really.

So if you've got the answer or just think you do or know someone who does or know a man / woman who might have an uncle who has the answer let me know. We need to solve this problem as fast as possible. There are many unshaved female upper lips out there.

Yes ... you know the drill. Please shave.

400 ... now that is a lot of dark hairs

Okay, this site has now had 400 visitors. Some female, some male - my counter doesn't tell me. But hopefully some of the female visitors have just after reading this blog removed all of their dark hairs on their upper lips.

Can you feel it? This world has become a better place. Not by much, but I feel a "hair free revolution" just around the corner. The female moustache is hopefully ending like the dinosaurs. Extinct. And hopefully soon.

So please remove that moustache.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Every day

I have this colleague. She's kind of nice (she tries to laugh when I'm joking about something, but she obviously doesn't mean it - therefor "kind of nice"). Her boyfriend also works at the firm. He's a great guy. But the thing is she really has a significant moustache. Really significant. It's as significant as the limp of a man with one leg 56 centimeters shorter than the other. But she's only in her late twenties or early thirties. She is okay could looking, but that upper lip just ruins the impression.

Every time I see her, I find myself staring at this darke line. This really disturbing sight. But my eyes won't let go. It's like if you see a guy with a really strangely build face. You just can't stop looking.

If you see this woman would you please make her remove her way too many hairs on her upperlip. Tell her that there are guys from Iraq who have less of a moustache than her. But please don't mention me, 'cause she's good friends with the top of the firm.

And to all of you women who knows about your own female moustache. Don't be too proud to remove the dark hairs. Guys will think much higher of you without the moustache, and you might loose a pound or two. So please shave.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Hello Kim

Today I am going to see one of the most famous moustaches in Denmark. It's placed on a man. I am of course talking about the crazy moustache on Kim Brink. He really should shave, but I think he has enough to think about these days with OB playing like a piece of wet timber.

But if Kim Brink directly confronts me on weather he should shave or not, I would have to say: Kim, please, you should remove that moustache has quickly as possible. You look ridiculous - but that is also because of your strange hair.

Hey ... you there ... yes, you ... your upper lip is way too dark. It's too darn hairy. And you're a woman. Are you blind? Remove that hair!! Please.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

The second century

Okay, so this site has passed 200 visitors. Thanks to all of you, and I hope you're discussing this great problem out there.

'Cause the thing is, what has this site really achieved? Yes, there has been an angry person (female I presume, and probably with hair on the upper lip) posting angry comments. But has that made the world less hairy? Unfortunately I don't think so. We have a long way to go. We have lots of upper lips to shave.

So please ... someone make this site famous. It's for your own good, can't you see that? Is there anybody in this world who likes female moustaches? I don't think so.

Okay, here's a thought. If I got a really famous spokesperson to represent this site, there would be thousands of people coming to But who should I pick? Maybe if Brad Pitt told the world that he got divorced with Rachel Green (yes, I know it's her name in Friends. Can't remember her real name) because she had way, way to many dark hairs on the upper lip. Now that would be the thing that could make this site well-visited; and most important of all it would make women shave. Does anybody have Brad's number?

So Rachel Green, please, remove that hair.

A smooth date

Just got back from my date. It went well. We didn't eat. The word tuna didn't even get mentioned nor the word moustache. Can't figure out if I should get serious with this girl. But I haven't noticed a moustache on her ... yet. 'Cause trust me, I will notice it if it's there. Maybe she shaves or bleaches! So many unanswered questions, so late in the evening.

I hope I will dream about a world without female moustaches and more kisses. SHAVE!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Double up on the moustache

Today I'm going to see the most famous moustache in the world ever. Yes, I am going to watch Der Untergang - a movie about the last days of Hitler. With me to the cinema I'll have a really nice girl, but will this moustache movie make me concentrate even more on the female moustache? I do not know.

Afterwards we are going to eat at a cafe. But how will I act, if there is a bit of tuna hanging in some of her upper lip hairs? Will I say: Hey, there is tuna in you moustache? I don't think I should.

Hey you ... SHAVE!!!